Direct Contact

Contact directly: scroll through Cass' completed artworks.

Browse through David Cass' recent works - under the Paintings tab. The artist is happy to answer questions about any of these artworks, about pricing, delivery, framing and hanging too. More are available that are not listed on this website.


Visit David Cass' Scottish Gallery profile.

The Scottish Gallery's website: here. David Cass has been with The Scottish Gallery since 2011, where he has produced 4 solo exhibitions with the gallery. They keep a small stock of his artworks, some of which you can see online. If you'd like to see what they have available in Edinburgh, contact Bree Gray or Tommy Zyw: (0131 558 1200). TSG are David's only Edinburgh gallery.

Newport-on-Tay / Dundee

Visit David Cass' Tatha profile.

See David Cass' page on Tatha Gallery's website: here. Tatha is a beautiful space in Newport on Tay, Fife. If you'd like to see what they have in stock, contact Helen Glassford:



Past Stockist: Courts House.

This National Trust property no longer keeps Cass' works in stock, but if you are nearby, please do get in touch with Sonya Rothwell, who can advise: (07510874261).


Visit David Cass' Bohun Gallery profile.

See David Cass' page on Bohun Gallery's website: here. The gallery no longer keep a stock of Cass' works. If you know the gallery and would like to contact them, speak to Katie Newman: (01491 576228).


Frequent availability through Bankside Gallery, Mall Galleries and more. Please contact the artist to find out more.



If in or around Oxfordshire, please get in touch with Alex Hammersley: (07717774294). Alex keeps a small stock of David's work in her home.

Pay only for David's time

You provide the surface (or indeed wall - the artist paints murals too), and David will turn it into your own bespoke piece. The prices of many of his pieces are in part determined by where the 'surface' came from, and how much it cost. Maybe you have an old table, a set of antique letters or postcards, a wooden drawer or tray with no purpose: something that means something to you. Or, invite David to come and look around your barn / out-house / basement / attic. This way, you only pay for his time.


Maybe you've seen one of David's exhibitions, and you'd like a small souvenir. Postcards, sketches and matchboxes are frequently available. Contact the artist directly to see what's in stock, or visit his eStore.


After Care

Due to the nature of Cass' works – his use of antique objects – the surfaces will naturally show evidence of their previous function. No artworks ever leave the studio without thorough termite investigation (in the case of wooden works). But be advised that when bringing wooden items into your home, you shoud check your own home for woodworm or damp. These factors will of course influence your painting. Damp environments are not advised for watercolour works, or works on metal. Many metals used show evidence of age – this adds welcome artistic elements to the works – but to avoid rust from spreading it's best to keep in a dry and well ventilated environment. Watercolour works especially should not be hung in bathrooms. It is not advised to store works on metal (or, in oil) wrapped. By wrapping works you may be sealing in moisture – which may cause deterioration to the surface of your work.

Of course, it's your decision how to display or care for your work, but the artist must stress that these are fragile works. They will remain as stable as such works can if they are properly cared for. For cleaning or dusting advice please contact David: Owners must be aware that any hanging or care decisions are their own responsibility.

Commissions + Terms of Commission

You pick the size, and the subject: the artist is happy to travel. Cass has worked around Europe on commissions for private individuals, as well as businesses – notably Frasers Apartment Suites, and Quartermile Edinburgh. David is part of Bespoke, the Mall Galleries commissioning service too.

*Payment: if commissioning work, clients must be aware that if initial payment (whether arranged in full or by installments) is not met within 30 days, the quote will increase by 5% for one month; if this is still not met an increase of 10% for one extra month; and thereafter the artist has the right to terminate the contract. The artist requests clear and open communication directly.

**Outcome: the artist decides when a work is complete, though requests for minor alterations are often possible at the artist's discretion. It is important to be aware that when commissioning works for specific spaces (wooden/found works) the surfaces that the artist sources may vary very slightly though always be fit for original purpose.